Nature of Practice

My practice focuses on intellectual property rights licensing. I assist content creators, rights owners, aggregators, service providers and consumers maximize the benefit they derive from the use of information and entertainment content.

I work with clients to create sustainable business models for the exploitation of content by digital means. I negotiate license agreements for the use of recorded music, music videos, motion pictures, television and radio programming, computer games, textual works, and graphic images on the Internet and by cell phone subscribers in the Unites States, Canada, and Europe. I also advise clients on contract implementation and administration, including monitoring the use of content to support calculation of license fees and allocation and distribution of royalties.

I counsel clients on service provider liability and safe harbor protections under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; on compliance with the restrictions, limitations, and license fee payment and music use reporting obligations effecting statutory “webcasters;” and on relations with performing and mechanical rights licensing organizations and related copyright and neighboring rights collectives around the world.

I have represented clients in rulemaking and other proceedings before the United States Copyright Office and in rate setting and royalty distribution proceedings under several compulsory and statutory licensing regimes. I have also worked on copyright legislation and legal reform both within the United States and internationally.

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